Of frivolities, failures and friendships

(By Siddharth Janarthanan (sir) ) I was in grade 10 when I woke up in the middle of a night feeling anxious, bitter, small and guilty. It was perhaps a culmination of several weeks of feeling thoroughly conflicted about the issue at hand. It was most likely the first time when my abilities and potential were laid out clearly in front of my eyes compared … Continue reading Of frivolities, failures and friendships

Revealing Clark Kent: Interviews with teachers (Edition I- Krittika ma’am and Neha ma’am)

(Interview: Aarthi Krishnan, with Neha Gupta + Introduction by Smriti Prakash) We all know our teachers to be superheroes. Or at the very least, a subpopulation of our species that survives with more responsibility, higher standards of expectation, and often ridiculously lesser appreciation than the rest of us mortals. Except an assembly on Teacher’s Day, a once in a decade birthday card from a student, … Continue reading Revealing Clark Kent: Interviews with teachers (Edition I- Krittika ma’am and Neha ma’am)

So Long, Farewell!

(Sakshi Sharma, IB Year 2) The 6th grade. We’ve all been there at some point, that hazy blur of strange corridors and stranger faces. Nonetheless, it plays an integral part in our secondary school years, acting as a gateway of sorts to newer and more significant experiences. Some of us may not have cared much for it; however, I definitely took it as something to … Continue reading So Long, Farewell!

Into the “real world”

(By: Shriya Prakash + Edited by Smriti Prakash) The last days of fifth grade leading up to secondary were some of the most confusing days of the year. I was contemplating whether I should be happy that I am going to secondary or completely terrified. The image in my mind about what secondary would be like was not that great. At least, not until I … Continue reading Into the “real world”

I’m a Soccer For You

(Primary Writer: Rishi Agrawal + Collaborators: Raghav Jindhal, Dhaerya Chaudhri, Zain Mohammed Buhari) A horde of boys run to the football pitch the minute the bell sounds, clenching their lunchboxes in one hand and football boots in the other; some take to wearing protection, such as shin guards and others pawn their safety for agility and go barefoot. If you didn’t know any better, you’d … Continue reading I’m a Soccer For You