Self-Growth & Adolescent Angst

(Written by: Srinjana Sriram, Edited by: Sahana Prabhu) As a patron of academia, I like to believe that at one point through the educational career of each student, a realization dawns upon all of us, and goes something like this: I don’t care about my grades. I don’t care about my extracurriculars. I don’t care about competition. I don’t care about what the system wants … Continue reading Self-Growth & Adolescent Angst

Of frivolities, failures and friendships

(By Siddharth Janarthanan (sir) ) I was in grade 10 when I woke up in the middle of a night feeling anxious, bitter, small and guilty. It was perhaps a culmination of several weeks of feeling thoroughly conflicted about the issue at hand. It was most likely the first time when my abilities and potential were laid out clearly in front of my eyes compared … Continue reading Of frivolities, failures and friendships