What’s the deal with FOMO?

(Aarthi Krishnan, IB Year 2) Ever been bothered by seeing your friends hang out without you on social media? Ever felt inadequate upon seeing pictures of someone doing great things while you’re just sitting on your couch? Ever felt resentful towards people who are happy without you? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then you might be suffering from … Continue reading What’s the deal with FOMO?

I’m a Soccer For You

(Primary Writer: Rishi Agrawal + Collaborators: Raghav Jindhal, Dhaerya Chaudhri, Zain Mohammed Buhari) A horde of boys run to the football pitch the minute the bell sounds, clenching their lunchboxes in one hand and football boots in the other; some take to wearing protection, such as shin guards and others pawn their safety for agility and go barefoot. If you didn’t know any better, you’d … Continue reading I’m a Soccer For You

Stretched and Unstressed

(Sharvani Sivakumar, IB Year 2 ) Stepping out of their regular Saturday morning routines, about 40 students gathered at our school auditorium to do something unusual- feet stomping, pretending to be forest animals, and paying attention to breathing in and out. They had come down for a school event ‘NIRVANA- From Warrior to Warrior’ organised by Vyas, Shweta and I, students from IB Year 2. … Continue reading Stretched and Unstressed