Water, Water Everywhere

(By Smriti Prakash) Water, water everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink ~ Samuel T. Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner It might sound cliche, but what seemed to me a cute rhyme learnt in the second grade actually describes the situation our world finds itself in today. The full poem actually describes the state of sailors on a cursed, becalmed ship, surrounded by salt water … Continue reading Water, Water Everywhere

Revealing Clark Kent (Edition II- Siddharth sir & Paras sir)

(Introduction and Interview by: Smriti Prakash with aid from Sakshi Sharma, Edited by: Samud Shetty) There is nothing like a bruising assessment to remind you of the lessons that really stuck in your memory, and which ones you can’t even remember being present for. At least with most subjects, the baseline knowledge you require to pass previous grades helps you stumble through a quarter of the … Continue reading Revealing Clark Kent (Edition II- Siddharth sir & Paras sir)

The Face of Evil

(Written By: Neha Gupta) Actors from a horror movie set? Youtube stars showing off their looks for Halloween this year? Nope, the people in these images are just ordinary individuals, who also happen to have scarred faces. From the Joker to Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter to Dr. Poison, even the beloved Lion King’s antagonist, who didn’t just stop at having a scar, but was quite … Continue reading The Face of Evil

Sticks, Stones and Strength

(Written by Swati Anshu, Edited by Neha Gupta) This is a story about me: a part of me that hardly anyone knows…My name is Swati Anshu and I have been a victim of cyber, verbal and physical bullying. My early childhood days were the hardest emotionally. Getting enrolled into OFS, I got into the swim team and my grades were decent. However, people took my … Continue reading Sticks, Stones and Strength

The Smell of Moon Dust

[By Samud Shetty, Edited by Roshan Samuel] We (humans) landed on the Moon 50 years ago. Specifically, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC, as part of Apollo 11, which also involved Michael Collins, who flew the command module Columbia in lunar orbit. But you already knew that. 3 guys went to the moon, … Continue reading The Smell of Moon Dust


(Written by: Tarunya Sivakumar, Edited by : Smriti Prakash) “Sometimes, do you feel like the most double-sided person that you have ever met?”  Yesterday’s you, today’s you and tomorrow’s you are all still you. This is a truism that has irrevocably ingrained itself onto the fabric of human existence. We assume that ‘the self’ is rigid, constant and static. We are the embodiment of inertia. … Continue reading CHANGE AS A CONSTANT

Self-Growth & Adolescent Angst

(Written by: Srinjana Sriram, Edited by: Sahana Prabhu) As a patron of academia, I like to believe that at one point through the educational career of each student, a realization dawns upon all of us, and goes something like this: I don’t care about my grades. I don’t care about my extracurriculars. I don’t care about competition. I don’t care about what the system wants … Continue reading Self-Growth & Adolescent Angst